Estate Planning Services

You can take care of all your later life planning with Estate Planning Now. We offer a holistic range of services so you can put your Lasting Power of Attorney in place, write your Will and plan your estate all with just one company.

We offer our clients a free Will writing service when they arrange a Lasting Power of Attorney or purchase a funeral plan. We provide this full service package as we believe it is important to know everything is arranged in advance so your loved ones do not have to make difficult decisions at an emotional time.

Estate Planning Now offer these estate planning services all in once place for your convenience and peace of mind:

Will Writing

If you die ‘intestate’ without leaving a Will it can result in an uncertain future for your family and your wishes may not be carried out. It is a common belief that husbands and wives are automatically entitled to inherit from each other but this is not the case. A carefully prepared Will, with appropriate trusts in place, can minimise the amount of inheritance tax payable and ensure your beneficiaries receive exactly what you want them to receive.

If you already have a Will, please consider when you initially wrote or last updated this Will. It may no longer be relevant due to changes in family circumstances and is unlikely to take account of changes in legislation. Wills should be reviewed on a regular basis and as members of the Institute of Professional Will Writers we can assist you with this.

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Lasting Powers of Attorney

You will want to know matters will be taken care of in accordance with your wishes if you are unable to make decisions for yourself. This is where a Lasting Power of Attorney comes in.

A Lasting Power of Attorney gives a person you trust the ability to make important decisions on your behalf if you cannot make them yourself. It gives guidance and instructions on how they should act as they will have the legal authority to handle your affairs.

We can give you advice on guidance on what to include in your Lasting Power of Attorney and put this in place for you so it is ready should the need ever arise.

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Estate Management

As part of our estate planning services we offer estate management via our partners at Kings Court Trust. They can assist you with the legal and tax implications of your estate ensuring your family is protected.

It is important to have your assets valued and Kings Court Trust are very experienced in dealing with property and other assets. With many people having to sell their homes to pay for care in later life it is important to ensure you have put measures in place to protect your estate. We are able to advise you on this in line with the latest in legislation.

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If you require any of our estate planning services and would like to discuss writing your Will or Lasting Power of Attorney, please contact us on 01273 464584 or email