How Estate Planning Now can help you

Here at Estate planning now we understand that losing a loved one is always a tumultuous and emotional time. Our main aim is to provide services that enable our clients to feel supported and cared for as much as we can throughout the process. We want you to know We are with you….every step of the way.
We offer a full later life planning service that manages the details of your estate and includes:
Will writing service with single Wills from £140 and joint Wills from £230.
Estate management via our partners Kings Court trust; asset valuation including property legal and tax measures to protect your estate in line with legislation.
We can also put both Lasting Powers of Attorney documents in place for you; we charge £250 for each Power of attorney document which are Health Welfare and Financial affairs.
Our quality services reflect our ethos that it is of extreme importance that your plans are organised and in a safe and secure place, in order for your experience with us to be as comfortable and stress free and as possible. We are not only a will writing company; we are a company that operates from the heart. We are human, and your experience is important to us.